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Put gratitude into practice (this Thanksgiving)

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

During this Thanksgiving time with your family, I would encourage you to actually put gratitude into practice. There are so many wonderful ways of doing this and so much research to show it will enhance your life, your marriage, your parenting and your overall stance towards life.

Sometimes when I read stuff like this it can be so overwhelming and I don’t know how to just take the first step and start making it a daily practice. Here is one that I practice! I will definitely be putting it into practice over the next few days...

During this Thanksgiving break, start taking pictures of your family and specifically your children. I am not talking about pictures with your phone or camera but mental pictures.

Take a moment several times a day to just pause, amongst the hustle and bustle, and mentally snap a picture of your children smiling and laughing. Take a mental snapshot of your spouse being helpful or playing with the kids.

If it is a particularly difficult day and you forget to do this then make sure you go in their rooms while they are sleeping and just stare at their faces and let gratitude flood over you. These little pictures and snapshots will begin to fill up a file in your brain called, “Life is a gift and I am so glad I get to live it with you!” - Kyle

Gratitude is an amazing practice that is getting a lot of attention right now. Choosing to practice gratitude daily actually physically changes the brain!

Just sitting for a few moments and thinking about something you are grateful for prompts your brain to wire for happiness. It’s a practice worth intentionally choosing daily.

It’s also something to invite your children to do as well. Look for opportunities during dinner time, car rides, talks before bed, playing games, or other times of connection to share with each other what you’re grateful for in life.

These warm moments will build happiness and a stronger connection! - Sara (Kyle's wife)

Kyle and Sara Wester (Tulsa, OK)

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